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Recent Work

What is ‘recovery’? Learnings from Victoria’s family violence service sector

The “Family Violence Recovery – Research and Practice Forum” was designed to facilitate the sharing of knowledge across therapeutic family violence services funded by the Victorian Government, in response to the Royal Commission into Family Violence.


  • The Forum was collaboratively planned by around 40 people from 21 organisations.
  • The Forum was attended by 130 participants, representing all 26 Demonstration Projects and 50 community-based organisations
  • The forum simulated a ‘community of practice’ by discussing areas for further action to build collective wisdom, support effective therapeutic practices, and strengthen the sector

Discussions at the Forum included three topics:

1. What is recovery in the family violence context?

Who gets to define recovery? What have we learnt about the process of recovery? Are there common major milestones? Are there examples of the recovery process ending? What does the recovery journey look like for children? For men who have used violence?

2. What do our clients say?

What have we learnt from our clients? How do they describe their involvement and relationship with your project? What have they said about the therapeutic support you have provided? What do our clients say what works for them? What do children say about their involvement? What do men who have used violence say about their involvement?

3. How can we measure recovery and assess service effectiveness?

How can we measure recovery outcomes? How can we assess our success in supporting recovery? What is an effective FV recovery service? What does the research and evaluation say?
How does this knowledge contribute to the FV recovery evidence base?

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Click here to download the full summary report, or click here to check out our resources page. 

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