• Keeping Our Communities Safe

    Drummond Street Services is running free information sessions for multicultural LGBTIQ+ people about keeping communities safe from COVID-19.

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  • New Parents, New Possibilities

    Read about our action research project on LGBTIQ+ family violence prevention, including the development of resources aimed at improving LGBTIQ+ inclusion in the perinatal sector.

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  • Impacts of COVID19

    COVID19 and subsequent restrictions have impacted the mental health and well-being of individuals and families. We have seen an increase in family violence, suicide risk and mental health distress.

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  • About Us

    We are uniquely situated within a community services organisation. We believe that makes us different to other research and evaluation organisations.

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  • Our Experience

    Read about our key knowledge areas, including, evidence based management, responding to COVID19, family violence, LGBTIQ+ issues and more.

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  • What We Offer

    CFRE provides tailored research, data analysis, support for conducting and implementing evaluation, as well as training and workshops to share our knowledge.

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Recent Work

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A banner image where the background is a close-up photograph of a person hugging another person from behind. The person in front has a dark skin tone and is wearing a white button-up shirt. The person behind has a light skin tone and iw earing a striped shirt. The photograph is a close-up of the two people's intertwined forearms and hands. On the left side of the banner, there is large header text that reads "Got questions about COVID? We've got answers." Under the header text is a subtitle that reads "COVID-19 and multicultural LGBTIQ+ communities". On the bottom-right side of the banner, there is the Drummond Street Services logo.

Keeping Our Communities Safe – Multicultural LGBTIQ+ Victorians and COVID-19

Information sessions Drummond Street Services is running free information sessions for multicultural LGBTIQ+ people about keeping our communities safe from COVID-19. The sessions are safe spaces to ask questions and receive non-judgemental and helpful information. There’s no need to register – you can join anonymously. Step 1. Find a time that suits you Thursday 14 October 6.00–6.30pm (Zoom link) Friday 15 October 11.00–11.30am (Zoom link) Tuesday 19 October 4.00–4.30pm (Zoom […]

New Parents, New Possibilities

New Parents, New Possibilities Use the table of contents below to navigate on this page. Overview and Final Report The transition to parenthood is recognised as a period of high risk for the onset of family violence in heterosexual relationships. It is also known that family violence, including intimate partner violence, occurs in LGBTIQ+ relationships. There are significant knowledge gaps in the understanding of family violence risk during the transition […]

Prevention in the pandemic

Prevention in the pandemic: The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is having a significant impact on people’s lives and wellbeing around the world.  The pandemic has exacerbated health, social and economic inequalities and globally, rates of family violence have surged. For people who are LGBTIQ+ in Victoria, especially those who experience multiple forms of discrimination and health and wellbeing inequalities, COVID-19 has also exacerbated the drivers of family violence. Responding to a […]

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