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Recent Work

COVID-19 impact on Drummond Street’s service delivery

COVID-19 impact on Drummond Street’s service delivery

The Centre for Family Research and Evaluation at Drummond Street Services has developed a COVID-19 evaluation strategy to help better understand and respond to the changing needs of the clients and the communities that we support during this time. The key aims of our COVID-19 evaluation strategy are to:

  • evaluate how ds is responding at an organisational level to the crisis
  • monitor changing client needs, experiences and outcomes to identify which areas of clients’ wellbeing are being impacted
  • identify which cohorts are most vulnerable to the effects of COVID-19 and the specific ways in which these cohorts are being impacted
  • monitor practitioner and client experiences using telehealth platforms to provide support across a range of program areas, so we can make informed decisions going forward about where online and telephone support might be appropriate.

The First Edition of the COVID-19 Report

The first edition of our COVID-19 report series (May 2020) outlines how Drummond Street rapidly adapted to the changing circumstances and gave initial insights into the rapidly changing needs for our clients.

Download the full report here or view the interactive report below:

The Second Edition of the COVID-19 Report

With more data collected and the series of lockdowns in Victoria since occurring, our second edition of our COVID-19 report series (published September 2020) details how client needs have shifted since March 2020. It identifies emerging themes across a range of wellbeing areas such as mental health and family violence compared to the same period in 2019. We share back some of the responses and insights from our dedicated practitioners from across the organisation and demonstrate how they have continued to adapt our services to meet the changing needs of the community.

Download the full report here or view the interactive report below:

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