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Supporting Gender Equality in the Public Sector

Supporting Gender Equality in the Public Sector

At the Centre for Family Research and Evaluation (CFRE), we are excited to continue to contribute to state-wide progress towards gender equality with the Commission for Gender Equality in the Public Sector. We have recently been appointed a member of the expert Panel of Providers, within the evaluation stream, and are looking forward to supporting defined entities comply with the Gender Equality Act.

At CFRE we take a collaborative approach to engaging with key stakeholders in all of our work, including capacity building, research, and evaluation. We believe that this approach, which considers the broader contextual factors, knowledge, diverse backgrounds and experience of key stakeholders, promotes the production of creative and innovative solutions to change management.

Support for defined entities could include:

  • Assistance embedding evaluation principles into your Gender Equality Action Plan design
  • Reviewing existing workplans and organisational documentation to develop strategies for meeting the objectives within your Gender Equality Action Plan
  • Assessing baseline workforce data to identify potential action areas for inclusion in the Gender Equality Action Plan
  • Assessing progress made between reporting periods and supporting the development of evidence-based progress reports

Please contact us if you need support.

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