Meet The Team

Beth McCann

  As the General Manager of Evidence Based Management at CFRE, Beth has oversight over the capability, quality and progress of all internal programs, in addition to managing external research and evaluation projects. Beth has experience developing, implementing and evaluating a wide range of projects and programs that span public health, family violence, refugee and asylum seeker services and child and family services, both in Melbourne and internationally. Beth has […]

Zeina Jamaleddine

Zeina joined CFRE early 2021 as a Senior Research and Training Officer. She has extensive experience managing a range of diverse and complex projects across research, higher education, and public health. Her experience spans across Australia and international contexts including Canada, the US where she completed her Master of Public Health at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center at Houston (Austin Regional Campus); and  Doha, Qatar where she lived […]

Ellen Poyner

As Senior Research Officer at CFRE Ellen manages the research and evaluation of a number of violence prevention and co-production projects, including LGBTIQ+ family violence prevention evidence-building projects. Ellen is passionate about the co-design of programs and initiatives to best meet the needs of communities. She brings over 10 years experience working with schools and community services where she has developed expertise in co-production processes and violence prevention. Ellen’s research […]

Madeline Gibson

Madeline has been working at CFRE since 2018 on service wide evaluation and a range of research projects.  Madeline’s key skills are in quantitative data analysis and research synthesis. She is highly skilled in use of statistical software including SPSS, NVIVO and Excel. Madeline’s strengths are in knowledge translation and data visualisation, she synthesises research findings for a broad variety of audiences. Madeline brings her knowledge in psychology research to a range of projects.  She is […]

Catherine Wilson

Catherine has always had a passion for working with LGBTIQ communities around health and wellbeing issues. She joined the queerspace research team after finishing her Master of Social Work degree at the Carleton University School of Social Work (Canada), which has a focus on anti-oppressive practice. In her role as queerspace research officer, she has been mainly involved in family violence research, and queerspace project evaluation and support. She is […]

Naomi Rottem

As Coordinator of Training and Consultancy Development across drummond street and queerspace services, Naomi manages a range of capacity building and workforce development initiatives.  She has over 20 years’ practice experience as a social worker and family therapist, and extensive experience delivering training and consultancy services across health, wellbeing, and family violence services.  She is passionate about working with service leaders and practitioners to support implementation of practice initiatives that […]

Nina Logan

As a Research Assistant at drummond street services, Nina brings her passion for community health and wellbeing to CFRE. She has a history of work in the mental health, technology and social research sectors and is skilled in quantitative and qualitative software and research techniques. She is currently conducting further study in the public health field on the experiences of CALD people with disability in Australia.

Jordan (Hemei) Fong

Jordan (Hemei) Fong joined CFRE in mid-2021 as a Research Officer. Since 2016, Jordan’s work in Victoria and the Northern Territory has covered gendered harm in Victoria Police, LGBTIQ+ rights in sport and employment, sexual assault prevention, access to community legal services, disability discrimination in schools and workplaces, financial relief for businesses impacted by COVID-19, and support programs for innovation and start-ups. Jordan has served on the boards of Proud […]

Arielle Donnelly

Arielle is a Research Assistant at CFRE with a background in psychology. Her honours research focused on intimate partner violence among trans and gender diverse people, as well as remote-located women. Arielle’s experience in psychology research has led to a well-versed set of skills in SPSS and Excel for data analysis and various statistical methods. She brings her passion for community engagement to her role. Arielle is skilled at engaging […]

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