We acknowledge the traditional owners of the land and we pay respect to their Elders both past and present.

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First Nations

Acknowledgement of Country

  Drummond Street’s first priority as part of our organisational Social Justice Framework is recognition of and solidarity with First Nations peoples. To that end, we have policies of organisation wide cultural competency training, development and implementation of a Reconciliation Action Plan and aims to increase our affirmative employment of First Nations staff, the prioritisation of First Nations voices as part of our co-design groups and the strengthening of relationships with Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations. The work we do at CFRE is with community and not to community. CFRE uses a co-production approach which provides a model for gathering and prioritising community and practitioner knowledge in the development, implementation and evaluation of programs. We take a participatory approach when working with communities and aim to centre community voices. We hold respect for the communities’ past and present experience of research, recognising the cultural world views and values of individuals, communities and researchers. We have a commitment to ongoing learning about the issues faced by First Nations communities and welcome partnerships with First Nations organisations. Read about some important resources for research and evaluation practices with First Nations communities that inform our work:

AIATSIS: Code of Ethics for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research https://aiatsis.gov.au/research/ethical-research

LOWITJA: Framework for evaluation of policies, programs and services https://www.lowitja.org.au/page/research/research-categories/health-services-and-workforce/service-solutions/projects/evaluation-policies-programs-services

AVETRA: Amplifying the voice of remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander VET stakeholders using research methodologies: Volume 1. https://www.nintione.com.au/resources/rao/amplifying-the-voice-of-remote-aboriginal-and-torres-strait-islander-vet-stakeholders-using-research-methodologies-volume-1/

AIFS: Evaluating the outcomes of programs for Indigenous families and communities https://aifs.gov.au/cfca/publications/evaluating-outcomes-programs-indigenous-families-and-communities

Read about some of our first nations research and evaluation activities:

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