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In-House Evaluation

CFRE manages the in-house evaluation for all drummond street services’ programs and services. This involves systematic collection of quantitative data, collected through our client record management system and pre/post validated measures to assess client outcomes across a range of health and wellbeing domains. CFRE also collects qualitative process and outcome data to enrich our insights. This ‘in-house’ evaluation provides an assessment of the impact our support services make to the lives of the individuals, families, children and young people that come to drummond street for support.
Due to our experience in the drummond street evaluation, embedding evaluation into programs and organisations is one of our key strengths and an area in which we have developed a wealth of knowledge.

View our in-house evaluation summary reports:
Outcomes Snapshot Report Download

This document contains a series of ‘snapshot’ findings from analysis of drummond street’s programs and services. We have a range of knowledge across different program areas. The programs and services we currently are evaluating at drummond street include:
  • Targeted Psychological Services (TPS)
  • Better Access
  • Family Mental Health Support Service (FMHSS)
  • Family and Relationships Services (FARS)
  • Family Law Counselling Services (FFL)
  • With Respect- a specialist LGBTIQ+ family violence service delivering prevention, early intervention, tertiary and recovery responses to people of all ages
  • A Place at the Table and Polaris LGBTIQ+ mentoring projects
  • Ready Steady Family- early intervention services for families during the transition to parenthood
  • Futures Free from Violence -community facing program for women, trans and gender diverse people who use violence
  • Living Free from Violence -justice facing program for women, trans and gender diverse people who use violence
  • Redress support services
  • Disability Royal Commission independent counselling services
  • The Drum Youth Services
These diverse programs have enabled CFRE staff to gain a wealth of knowledge across a range of different content areas, developing evaluations that are valuable and fit for purpose.

External Evaluation

Below are examples of some of the external evaluations CFRE has supported:
OPEN Data Project
Move It 4 Kids
Save The Children, Kununurra

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