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Evaluation Step 3: Your information needs

Program planningThe next step in evaluation planning is to determine what information is needed to answer the key evaluation questions. This helps to prioritise the decisions about what data you will need to collect to answer those questions.

When thinking about how to answer the key evaluation questions, consider the following questions:
»» What do we need to measure to answer the key evaluation questions?
»» What level of confidence do we need to have in our answers?
»» Do we need to make comparisons over time or with other groups to answer the questions?
»» What level of change will be realistic to measure?
»» What do we already know about who are we working with?
»» What are we doing with our clients that can provide opportunities to collect data?
»» What information could other sources of data provide us with?
»» Are there data sources we can use that will either confirm or provide alternative explanations for the results of the program?

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