Madeline Gibson

Senior Research Officer

Madeline has been working at CFRE since 2018 on service wide evaluation and a range of research projects.  Madeline’s key skills are in quantitative data analysis and research synthesis.She is highly skilled in use of statistical software including SPSS, NVIVO and Excel. Madeline’s strengths are in knowledge translation and data visualisation, she synthesises research findings for a broad variety of audiences. Madeline brings her knowledge in psychology research to a range of projects.  She is passionate about complex problem solving.

Madeline manages the in-house evaluation, collecting and analyzing data across all drummond street’s services and programs, working closely with staff to integrate research into their roles. Madeline also has experience in a variety of relevant projects about diverse and vulnerable populations, including: LGBTIQ+ perpetrators of family violence, family violence in the transition to parenthood for LGBTIQ+ individuals, and remote  Northern Territory family violence shelters. She has led drummond street’s LGBTIQ+ mental health service use research, conducted at key LGBTIQ+ events in Victoria. She has recently analysed drummond street data on mental health and wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

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