research and consulting

Expert research and consulting, advice and support

The CFRE team has extensive experience in conducting research and strong links with universities and research institutes. This experience results in our ability to provide expert research and consulting, support and service to agencies. We emphasise the importance of integrating research findings into practice, and our reports highlight practical recommendations for agencies to implement.

In this way, we prioritise gathering evidence and collecting data to inform decision-making.

evidence based practice

Research that informs the design of programs or projects

By reviewing current and past programs from national and international sources we can make recommendations regarding best practice for designing projects and programs. This includes identifying tools, models and evaluation strategies that would be most appropriate for the setting and context. We also conduct or support implementation and fidelity planning and evaluations for new programs.
Centre for Family Research and Evaluation

Rapid evidence reviews to inform a theory of change

We conduct rapid reviews of evidence to inform a theory of change for program models. This process draws upon available literature and program documents to provide the current understanding of a theory of change and a synthesis of the strengths and weaknesses of the evidence alongside the presentation of key themes and mechanisms.

Centre for Family Research and Evaluation

Environmental scanning

Environmental scans provide an organisation with contextual analysis needed to determine future goals and strategies. We conduct environmental scan reports that provide agencies with a snapshot of policy trends, availability of services and funding streams relevant to their community and areas of need.

Centre for Family Research and Evaluation

Community needs analysis

A community needs analysis provides important insight into whether services are still matching the needs of local community and whether other agencies are also providing these same services. As desktop reviews rely solely on secondary data they can be provided in a relatively short timeframe. More extensive reviews also incorporate analysis from both quantitative and qualitative primary data collection from a community.

Centre for Family Research and Evaluation

Data collection via surveys, interviews and focus groups

The CFRE team collect data from participants to inform the research and evaluation projects they undertake. Our practices align with ethical research standards, and work with participants always involves informed consent procedures and prioritises participant confidentiality and wellbeing. The team are respectful in all interactions with all participants and have extensive experience conducting interviews and focus groups with diverse groups and communities.

Centre for Family Research and Evaluation

Quantitative and qualitative data analysis

CFRE have extensive experience in conducting data analysis on both quantitative and qualitative data. We undertake analysis using NVivo, SPSS and Excel. If necessary, the team are able to consult with academic partners to consider analysis options and processes. We are also proficient in interpreting and communicating results to a range of audiences in a range of formats.

Centre for Family Research and Evaluation

Data synthesis leading to succinct findings and recommendations

The CFRE team is able to succinctly bring together data from a variety of sources and interpret and report on findings. A key priority of all work undertaken by CFRE is to ensure that research and evaluation projects produce usable findings that can inform future research and programs. The dissemination and communication of work is, therefore, an essential step in our process along with ensuring recommendations are achievable.


Tailored Program Support

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